Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I could write for ever about the things that Jarvis does, however, this month I will write about all of the things Jarvis does not do. Jarvis still does not roll over or crawl. He gets stuck like a turtle on his back, until you stand him up. Then he is off, shimming against walls or hanging onto stuff for support. Jarvis does not walk slowly; he is always in a hurry.

Jarvis does not like to wear clothes; it is a struggle every time to get him dressed. If he cannot be naked, he will settle for no pants.

Jarvis will have a bath and stay in until he is a wrinkled prune. But he will not get out of the bath without tears. The same thing happens when we take him swimming.

But the main thing that Jarvis does not do, ever, is sleep alone. He will sleep in the car. He will always sleep in my arms, or curled up against me. Or he will sleep beside Justin.

At first he slept in the bassinet in our room, but now every night he sleeps with us. Jarvis has never slept in his own room. He has not even slept in his cot in our room. Even after I went to so much effort to make or refurbish everything in his room. We even painted his room and it is a rental!

Cots are just for playing in.

Jarvis has not got two upper teeth, just the one, so he looks like a hillbilly.

OK, so that is not Jarvis and it is not my photo (cannot find original source to give credit to), but I cannot get a photo of Jarvis's tooth.

So all of these things that Jarvis does not do, but I would not change a thing from his sweaty sleep head to his smelly feet. Alright I would change his stinky feet, but I just love him more and more each day I will take those feet, even when I wake up with them in my face each morning.


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